Instruction for use

How to make eyelashes larger and longer?

It is not necessary to resort to buildup and other aggressive methods!

Natural beauty can do a lot. Use Careprost every day, and after 4-6 weeks you will look at the world with different eyes – framed by thick, richly dark eyelashes.

This is very inexpensive, and the result will please you for a long time!

The main component of the drug is Bimatoprost, a safe active substance.

Bimatoprost affects the cyclic phase of eyelash growth and works immediately according to two parameters – the rate of eyelash growth and their number.

Careprost is a unique drug with a therapeutic effect, which contains the active substance bimatoprost.

This component has an effect on the cyclic processes of eyelash growth, so that after 8-14 weeks they become thicker, longer, darker.

Careprost is available in 3 ml vials and is a solution of 0.03% concentration. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years from the date of release (the exact date is provided by managers upon request). The drug is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical (Indian manufacturer), which directly organizes the supply of the drug on a monthly basis.

Careprost is recommended to be applied carefully and strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Following the instructions, with daily application of the drug, the claimed result can be seen already at 4-6 weeks. During the application of Careprost, volume growth and eyelash growth occurs during sleep. To capture changes and visual effect, it is recommended to conduct a photo report. Take a picture of your eyes before using the drug, and then photograph the results every four weeks.

1 week of use
4 week of use
10 week of use

Step by step instructions for using the product

Step №1 – the preparatory stage.

At the stage of preparation in the application of Careprost, the remains of makeup should be removed from the eyes and the face skin cleansed of cosmetics. Careprost is recommended to be applied at night, so the preparatory phase can be included in the care complex. It is important to use any cosmetic products that are intended for an evening toilet in advance so that they have time to soak and not come into contact with the drug. It is also important to remove the lenses before the procedure. They can be worn again at least 15 minutes after applying the product.

Step №2 – how to use the applicator.

Remove the applicator from its packaging. Open the vial of Careprost. After taking the applicator horizontally, apply 1 drop of the solution to the tip of the device.

Step №3 – use of the drug.

After applying the solution to the applicator, bring it to the closed eye and evenly distribute the drug along the edge of the upper eyelid so that the product falls on the base of each eyelash. It is recommended to move the applicator from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. The same procedure should be repeated for the other eye, after first applying 1 drop of the solution to the applicator.

Step №4 – completion of the procedure.

A few seconds after the completion of the procedure, it is recommended to remove the remaining product from the skin. To do this, you need to take pre-prepared soft tissue and get wet the skin of the upper eyelid.

Careprost is recommended to be applied daily, 1 time per day, at night. More frequent use of eyelash care products will not accelerate the appearance of the visual effect.

Note! Use Careprost should only be for the growth of eyelashes on the upper eyelid. For the skin of the lower eyelid, the product is not intended. Applying it to areas not intended for hair growth can provoke an undesirable therapeutic effect.