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Buy Careprost - the best cosmetic for eyelash growth!

Buy Careprost Eyelashes are considered by many one of the facial features that stand out the most in us, but due to several external factors our eyelashes do not naturally grow the way we would want them to, so we see ourselves forced to use fake eyelashes in order to fulfill our dream to have beautiful and perfect looking long eyelashes and in that manner, fit in the current and trendy beauty standards set in the modern world.

However, there are plenty of ways to make our eyelashes naturally longer, more than what you would expect. For example, applying buy Careprost Eyelash Stimulation.

The Careprost eyelash serum will help you to, as its name indicates, stimulate your eyelashes growth. In this piece, you will be able to know everything buy Careprost.

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What is Careprost?

Careprost is a product that is commercialized as drops, in a bottle, this product was initially created as a drug with the purpose of reducing intraocular pressure in patients that suffer from a disease called Glaucoma.

Generally speaking, the ingredients that compose the buy careprost eyelash stimulation are not harmful towards our bodies and it should not have major side or reverse effects on us.

The official name of careprost is Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 generic solution, and as it was mentioned before, it is used to reduce intraocular pressure, intraocular pressure can lead to people to go blind due to severe damaged caused to the optic nerve as a consequence of excessive fluid accumulation within the eye. The

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 generic solution is synthetically derived of a natural lipid like substance that it is found in our bodies called Prostamide.

Why is Careprost effective for eyelash and eyebrow growth?

Carefrost is a product that serves as a regenerating agent that is currently used with the purpose of treating Hypotrichosis, Hypotrichosis is known as a rare disease that affects the zones in our body in which hair normally grows, it is usually tied with no hair growth in the head, eyelids and of course, eyelashes.

In this manner, careprost appears as a gift sent from heaven as, due to its regenerating properties, it stimulates the growth of eyelashes.

Currently careprost is not used only in order to fight Hypotrichosis, but as a cosmetic aid, in which those people who desire to have longer, darker and thicker eyelashes can ask for help to the product to achieve the aesthetic look at the time to apply eye make up, as longer and thicker eyelashes stand out more.

The elements that compose careprost will not accumulate in the blood, this does not allow any reverse reaction to occur in our bodies.

How to use Careprost?

Careprost is sold in a 3ml bottle, so it is recommended to apply only one dose per day just before you go to sleep. By a single dose, it is meant, that you will only apply one single drop in each eye, in the upper eyelid, obviously very close to the eyelashes.

It is important to take into consideration that the area of the eyes must be completely make up free, so you should take a few minutes in order to properly clean your face off make up and then you can proceed to apply the dose.

As it is also important to take off contact lenses in case that you wear them on a daily basis, as your eyes need to have few minutes of resting, you should take them off at least 15 minutes before you apply the drops. Even though it is recommended to apply the drops just before going to sleep, in case that you need to wear the contact lenses again, you must wait 15 minutes before the drops were applied to the eyes so you can proceed to wear the contact lenses again.

During the application process hold the applicator horizontally and wait until the drop gets to the tip of the applicator or brush, later proceed to apply it to the upper eyelid, try to avoid the drop to fall into the eye or the lower eyelid, in case you miss it, then just apply another drop instead, after you are done with one eye, do the same process with the other eye.

If you really want to see the results of maximum eyelash growth you should follow a continuous habit and use it around 12 and 16 weeks on a daily basis with your hands totally clean.

Detailed instructions for using Careprost

Step 1

Wash hands thoroughly, pay special attention to nails.

Step 2

Wash yourself thoroughly, removing all makeup, creams and lotions from your face. Remove contact lenses before using Careprost. They can be returned back 15 minutes after the end of the procedure.

Step 3

Put one drop of the drug on a special eyelash pencil or brush. If the kit has an applicator, then you can use it.

Step 4

Use the brush along the upper eyelid, as shown in the photograph, from the inside of the eye to the outside. Do not apply the solution to the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, as this may cause hair growth not where necessary. Remove excess fluid. Repeat this procedure with the other eye.

Step 5

Wash the brush clean, then put it in a case or other place protected from germs and dirt.

Step 6

Store Careprost in a cool, dry, dust free place.

Step 7

Once the desired length and density of the eyelashes has been achieved, apply Careprost three times a week to maintain the effect.

How Careprost works on eyelashes

After being applied Careprost penetrates into the hair follicles that are located in the eyelashes and the eyebrows. This increases the blood supplies in the follicles. After the blood supplies being increased in the area, the blood circulation will also increase, this is really important because blood will also bring the nutrients needed to form a healthy hair structure, along with these nutrients keratin also increases in the blood stream.

Metabolism around the area also sees itself increased due to the blood stream, because of this we can see how the hair grows stronger, the strength can be perceived through the thickness of the eyelashes. Regarding its aesthetic advantages, buy careprost not only reduces hair loss in the area but within weeks you will see how your eyelashes have grown in a brighter and healthier shade, making our lashes naturally more beautiful.

Possible side effects

As previously mentioned in the disadvantages of the product, like any other chemical product, there is a risk of people being allergic to one or more components that form the Careprost, this can lead to swelling, dry eyes, pain, redness and itching in the eye zone. To avoid this, you need to visit your doctor and seriously talk bout the product and see if it is recommended for you.

Regarding its overuse, abusing of buy Careprost can lead to several symptoms that go from redness and itchiness, to head aches and even cataracts, because of this, it is recommended to maintain its use in a limited way, or in other words, to keep the one single dose per day rule in order to be able to see only the positives effects attached to it.

Always remember that alcohol can also have an effect and delete the effects of buy Careprost, so you should as well limit your alcohol consumption while you are during its usage.

Pros and Cons of Careprost Eyelash Stimulation

As any product related to the improvement of our looks, it has both its benefits and its respectives disasadvantages, below there is a summary of the pros and cons of Careprost and its usage

Pros +

  • You will be able to reduce hair loss in the eyebrows and eyelashes area
  • Increases the blood stream in the hair follicles and helps hair grow healthier
  • Decreases intraocular pressure
  • Helps in the fight against Hypotrichosis and Glaucoma
  • Makes eyelashes more attractive


  • In some cases, careprost can cause itching, swelling, redness of the eyelids, dry eyes, pain, general discomfort
  • Is not a permanent solution to the hair loss problem
  • Can not be applied while using contact lenses or make up
  • Some components might cause allergy to people
  • If used in excess, it can cause cataracts

Cost of Careprost

The cost of the buy careprost will depend on the brand, there are plenty of brands that offer the product on sale and you can pick the one that you feel will fit you the most. The prices, however, can be found in a range between $40 up to $60 the most expensive ones, remember than the most expensive product is not necessarily the best product for you. The product that is sold with the purpose of treating Glaucoma, is around $35, while those that have a more beauty oriented purposes tend to be a little bit more expensive, it will always depend on what you are looking for,

To sum up, this product can be beneficial in many ways including preventing hair loss, fighting diseases such as Glaucoma and Hhypotrichosis at the same time that it also has an aesthetic purpose and it helps you rock your make up, and it not dangerous to use as long as you respect the amount of the doses you are applying into your eyes, remember that this area is really delicate and must be handled with caution, for this you need to be sure that the area is clean and that you are not using contact lenses,

Buy Careprost has a guaranteed effect, as there are witnesses around the world who, since the commercialization of the product, have been speaking about how they have experienced the benefits of buy careprost after their eyelashes have grown beautifully, it has a fast effect in the area, even though you need around 3 months to see the full effects, after two weeks of use you will see the firsts benefits just by the change of the eyelashes color, and as a bonus it is very easy to use, most of us are already familiar with eye drops anyway or even if you have the brush it will be as easy.

As a side note, remember that one of the reasons why eyelashes tend to deteriorate nowadays besides the external factors such as the sunlight, excess of make up can also severely damage your eyelashes.

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